Wind Mitigation Inspection

Wind Mitigation, why is it important?

In the unfortunate event that mother nature strikes, its important for us to know the safety of our home that's protecting our family.  Having a proper wind mitigation inspection from a licensed  inspector will help you ensure you know the safety of your family, as well as protecting your investment. 

Benifits of having a Wind Mitigation Inspection

While having insurance helps protect the homeowner it is still a very costly  repair to the home owner and insurance company, and these repairs usually take time, often months to repair.  Having a wind mitigation inspection helps ensure the home owner they know the condition and safety of their home. Home owner can benefit from reduced insurance premiums, allowing you save or spend money on your home to create more value to you, the home owner.   In some areas having a wind mitigation inspection can reduce your insurance deductible.

The following items are reviewed in a Windstorm Mitigation Inspection:

  • 2001 building code      compliance for entire building (Homes built after March of 2002)
  • Date of roof installation and if it meets 2001 or newer building code,
  • Type of roof deck and deck to truss/rafter fastening method,
  • Type of roof-to-wall attachment,
  • Roof Geometry  (Shape),
  • If there is an  acceptable secondary water resistance barrier (SWR) such as “Peel and      Stick”,
  • If there is  acceptable opening protection (wood panels, shutters, impact windows, etc.).

Each item can be an individual credit. It is not necessary to meet the most stringent requirements for all of the questions in order to get a discount on insurance. 

We produce a detailed professional report  with the appropriate form, OIR-B1-1802 (Rev. 02/12), and necessary pictures. If you provide us your Insurance Agent’s email address we would be happy to send them copies of the report electronically.